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Jpay ( is a leading privately owned company that deals with State,County and federal correction facility across the country to provide safe,convenient and reliable service for family and friends of inmate and payment solutions for offenders,parolees and probationers. If you don’t haven’t signed up for jpay, let me show you how to sign up and login for – How to Create Account


1.Go to

2.You will see a sign up form on the landing page.Fill this form,starting with your Email and password.

3.Next select a state and enter inmate ID number.This is a way to find inmate/offender in the system.

4.Once you click the”find”button, jpay will direct you to your inmate. Jpay allows you to browse for facility/agency contact information,fees,timing and service available.In addation you can get link to the agency’s website to look up your inmate or offender’s information.

5.Next,you will be required to enter your billing information as it appears on your card statement.
Once you have created an account on you can easily jpay login using the same email address and password.

JPay Login – How to Sign In

To sign in to jpay, go to and enter your email and password in the white spaces as would be indicated.If you do not want jpay to log you out everytime you close the page,check the ‘keep me logged in’box.Once your information are entered,click the’log in”button,you will be taken directly to your jpay page. Here is the same in step by step method

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Email address and password
  3. Click login

Thats enough to login jpay if you want then,you can check the ‘remember me’box to stay logged in.This will save you from the pain of loggin in, everytime you use jpay. Jpay login is as easy as that.

Additional Information on

Their system is designed to make the inmate search process very easy. Every page on the website has a box where you can enter a valid inmate ID, which will search the system for any possible matches. If multiple matches are discovered, you will be able to select the right inmate from the list provided. Once you have registered and created an account with jpay, you can also add and delete inmates as you find necessary.

In case you want to open an account as offender,parolee or probationer you need a valid case number, court number or inmate ID,the agency name to which you will send the payments, your email address, your telephone number and billing address.

Additionaly If you are opening an account and the system does not allows you to select a location, it is because either

  • They do not service that location
  • The inmate was transferred or released,
  • You have chosen the wrong inmate.

Please verify your inmate’s information and make sure the details are correct.

Forgot Your Password?

It might be possible that you have forgot your jpay password in that case all you need to do is go to and click ‘forgot your password”or even’forgot your email address’.Next you just have to provide some personal information like email or phone number and you can recover your jpay account from the code that you will receive on your phone or email.Alternatively you might be asked to enter the security question to recover your password email.Alternatively you might you might be asked to enter the security question to recover your password.

JPay Mobile Login – App Download

In todays world almost everyone uses their phone to handle daily works and its the same with jpay .You don’t need to login in on your computer when you can do that from your phone itself.Yes there is an app for that,its the jpay mobile app,where you can have a jpay login at comfort of you phone. So before proceeding you must download the App itself.

Once you have downloaded the jpay app for mobile phone,you can simply login from the phone itself.There is a jpay app for each and every device,even if you use some outdated phone and there is no app for your phone then also you can jpay mobile login. All you need to do is

  1. Open your mobile browser from which you access internet
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your username and password and click login.

Thats way you are now logged to jpay mobile.Now you can login through jpay and use the service.
jpay website and the systems used to process payments are the most secure in the industry. The systems are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, which means they have passed the most rigorous security tests currently available. At jpay we are committed to provide our customers and clients with state of the art technology and security so you can conduct transactions with confidence.

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